Being a kid’s ministry leader is tough.  Even if you find yourself on a Sunday with all your team in place and your small group leaders are firing on all cylinders, you’re still probably thinking about something that needs to be done, a parent you need to find in the lobby after service, or about something you left in your office and you’re trying to decide whether or not you want to walk across campus to get it.  Oh, is that last one just me?

I’ve realized that sometimes it’s really hard to get out of my head and meet Jesus on Sunday as a ministry leader.

I’ve also realized that each year at Orange Conference, my favorite thing to do is just. sit.

And listen.

And worship.

It’s a beautiful thing, really.  I don’t have to run any copies, or program anything, or put out any fires.  Jon Acuff said last night as we were closing out the first main session that there’s a point when we’re in spaces like this we realize that even though we are leaders, we need to be lead.  I love that.  Because it’s true.  If all you do is lead, you’ll never learn how to be lead. So sit down for a few days and let someone else lead you.

Leader, as you go through the next few days if I could encourage you to do two things it would be this:

Worship without abandon.

You’re going to have a lot of awesome information thrown at you, great communicators are going to blow your mind, and the food trucks are going to be so delicious but you, beautiful leader, you are here to rest. refresh. renew.

Find yourself lost in the idea that God is bigger than anything you can imagine, look for Him in the words of the worship songs, and hear Him speak directly to you.


It’s easy to focus on the ‘what’ and to forget the ‘who’ — but when you get laser focused on the ‘what’ you’ll miss the mystery of the ‘who’.  I know you don’t do this for the money, or the fame, or even the affirmation.  I know you do this because you were created for something more, because you believe in the idea that the generations coming up need to know that God will fight for them.  And that you’ll fight for them.  And that the Church is not irrelevant, or outdated.

Take a lot of notes, make some new friends, make a plan to be strategic on Monday but don’t be afraid to find




There’s a generation that depends on it.

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