Ministry Life Hack: Pinterest

I love Pinterest.  I love it so much I lurve it.  On our team, the running joke is, “I was on Pinterest all day, working!”

Now you can for real, leaders.  Pinners rejoice!

Have you checked out Pinterest for Business?  It’s awesome.  It functions just like your standard Pinterest, but allows you to streamline your pins.  Here’s how I use it for SMC Kids, though, I am still learning some of the nuances so all your genius business pinners out there, leave your best tips and tricks in the comments!

Shared Boards:
I have boards created for each of our ministry environments (preschool, elementary, FX) as well as boards for parents with things to read, ministry/parenting blog posts I love, faith @home initiatives, and even boards designated for our 936 Mile Marker events that we can share with parents in order to keep the conversation going at home.  Added bonus: I can keep my personal Pinterest account separate allowing me to keep posting all those photos to “Pug Life” without worrying about a new parent who may not know me and wonder about my obsession with those cuddly, squishy, flat-nosed mouth-breathers.  Know what I mean?

Secret Boards:
Secret boards are pretty much the best invention ever (not just for baby showers and weddings) and here’s why:

  • It allows for me to collect data and inspiration ideas specific to my ministry or upcoming events that don’t ruin the surprise or impact for parent’s who may be following our boards.
  • I can make secret group boards and invite my team to them so we can plan for events and share ideas (you can also do that for your regular boards, too!) without having to dig through massive emails with links and things that ultimately get lost in our inboxes.

Secret Boards also allow for me to pin things relevant to children’s ministry (leadership blogs, volunteer appreciation, creative environment ideas) that aren’t necessarily useful for our parents but I want handy for when I need them.  Plus, it would be a bummer for a volunteer to see the super cute volunteer appreciation gift on my boards before they got them!

As a leader, I feel really good about promoting a Pinterest account to our families when I know that it’s only going to be filled with things that are relevant to talking about character and faith at home.  Added bonus: a business account also allows you to transition out of your ministry (in the event that it happens) without taking all those great pins with you!  You simply hand over the log in and password and you’re able to give the next leader a way to continue to conversation without your families feeling the impact.

Total. Game. Changer.

How are you using Pinterest for Business in your ministry?

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