My One Word

one word

There seems to be a general buzz happening on social media sites, everyone talking about their “one word” — and I have some really awesome friends who have come up with even more awesome words.  Some are directly from scripture, some are from books they’ve read, and some (I think) just opened up the dictionary and threw a dart.  Either way, it has been such a cool alternative to those dreaded resolutions.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not good at resolutions.

But I did pick word.  And I’m scared to admit it because then I have to do it.  And it’s hard for me to do this because well, it’s not the first word people think of when they see me.

Oh, out with it already!  My one word for 2014 is GIVE.

This is an open-ended word, really.  And surprisingly as I’ve surrendered to this word the Lord has just blown. my. mind. with all the things He’s asked of me.  And I’m surprising myself with my willingness to actually do them.  GIVE manifests itself as time, as energy, as full attention, and has even been financial [gulp].  This is a growing season, no doubt about it.  This is one of those seasons where I think I’m going to be doing a lot of learning and a lot of listening to what God has asked of me.  This also feels like a season that is going to have some real honest-to-goodness wrestling.  Not just that normal inner-conversational wrestling but that wrestle-with-God-get-busted kind of wrestling.

What about you?  Do you have your one word for 2014 picked out?

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